Tuesday, December 28, 2010

bluies 26, 27, and 28th of december!!!

December 26th:
Me and Ken went down to Wave Wall in the real humid conditions and tried a climb called Smoked muscles 26 which was fun and ken tried Microwave but the humid conditions stopped him from catching the dyno!!!!
We both lost a lot of skin because it was so slippery so we decided to pull the pin.....
A storm came through just as we were leaving so we walked out in the heavy rain and lightning which got us soaked.......

December 27th:
Me and Ken decided to walk about 4 kilometers  to a crag called Zap Crag where we did some real cool climbs:
Jug Buzz *** 22 (me onsight,ken flash)
Hot Pump Action Baby * 21 (me onsight, ken flash)
We tried:
Pulse ****28 which was awsome!!!
Then we walked back to the road and then hitched back to the train station!!!

December 28h:
We met up with Mitch again and he took us out to a cragg called The Egg, we climbed:
Red Demon ***24 (flash)
I also flashed:
The Deal With Space***24
Kens Fingers were to painfull so he didnt do any more climbing after trying The Deal With Space a few times so he pulled the pin for the rest of the day.
I gave this real cool looking climb a go called:
The Floating Line **** 28
This was awesome because i could actually reach all of the moves haha...
Hopefully i will be able to get this one in the next couple of shots!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

bluies photos!!!!!!!!

Bluies 18, 19, 20 & 21 of december!!!

Saterday 18th = Rest Day (fingers are tired)!!!

Sunday 19th = We took a trip out to a crag called Boronia Point!!!!
I jumped on this real cool climb called Grape Hour **** 25 (2nd go)
I tried a couple of other things but strugled with the big bouldery starts!!!

Ken did Lyptus **** 23 (flash)
Then him and Corey worked this climb called Green eggs and ham**** 28 for a while and corey got so close at one point!!!!!He was so happy!!!

Monday 20th= Ken had a rest day due to a sore shoulder!
Me and cory went to a Crag called shipley upper in the morning and i did this climb Hold on to your hats 18 to try and warm up on but the wind was so strong and cold it was impossible to warm up.....We decided not to climb at shipley because it was far to cold, so we went down to Main Wall.
I jumped on this real cool climb called Padington *** 25(2nd go).
Then we moved on to a place called Junket pumper area.
I tried this real cool 27 called Wrong movement **** and really enjoyed it. Hopefully it will go in the next couple of shots!!!
I also climbed a line called Junket Pumper *** 24(flash)
Cory was to cold to climb so he became my belay bitch for the day. haha

Tuesday 21st= we went out to a crag called Bardons Look out!!
We warmed up on Mike and Lorna go to town 21
then, Sound and vision *** 20
Then we jumped on Chicken Skin ** 24(me Flash,ken 2nd go)
ken did Puppy fat **23 (2nd go),Scheme of things ***23 (2nd go)
Then we went back to Boronia point and i did Sydney Rose *** 24(flash),Euchre**23
Ken did Sydney Rose ***24(2nd go) soled a couple of easy stuff the crazy bugger!!!!
Cory sent Green eggs and ham**** 28 4th pop!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

bluies 15 ,16 & 17 of december

Day 3= Rest day

Day 4=We were very lucky to be taken to a secrete spot somewhere in the mountains!!!
There is so much rock every where!!!!
we warmed up on some really cool climbs:
Unnamed 21
Unnamed 22
Unnamed 23
Then ken and cory jumped on this real cool looking 25 and they both flashed it!!!
Then we went down to this real cool cave!!!
All three of us jumped on this real steep and cool 27 that went strait up the middle of the cave!
The rain packed in so we didnt really  have a  chance to jump on it again but i would love to go back there and get it clean........

Day 5= Me and ken went back to the crags around  Wave wall and and did some cool climbs:
Acceptably Cosmic * 23
Hairy Horrace ** 22
Ratcat *** 24
Ken flashed:
Madge Macdonald *** 25

Then we went around to try this real cool 27 called white linen **........
Then we went to wave wall and ken jumped on this climb called Microwave *** 30 and he is very phsyched about projecting it!!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

bluies 13 & 14 of december photoes

the bluies 13th &14th December

DAY 1 we met this crazy guy called mitch who has been bolting most of the stuff around the mountains. We were very lucky because i managed to forget our guide back at the house and mitch new the mouintains off by heart. He first took us to a popular wall called Upper Shipley were he showed us some of the classics on that wall:
>jack high*** 19 (first climb at the bluies)
>weak as i am **** 22 (onsight)

Then he took us over to the real cool looking wall called Wave Wall.
We jumped on some real cool classics:
I did:
>Jaws** 21 (flash)
>Off the lip* 23 (flash)
>Rubber lover*** 25 (flash)

Ken did:
>Jaws** 21 (onsight)
>Off the lip* 23 (flash)
>Split Wave***23 (flash)

Then it was a very long walk back up to the train station!

DAY 2 we met up with Mitch again and he took us to a very cool crag called Bardons Lookout where he has a very hard and cool looking project.
He put us on some real cool lines:
>Little Triggers*** 19 (ken onsight) (me flash)
>Go Lotto** 19 ( ken flash) (me flash)
>Goosebumps** 24 (ken onsight) (me flash)
 Then we went around the corner in to this huge steep cave!!!
Me and Ken tried this real cool looking 28 which we would love to come back and get it when we gain a bit more endurance.
We watched Mitch try his project which he thinks is around 29-31 but the weather conditions were not in  his favor!It looks like a real cool looking climb!!

Then we met up with cory and he took us to another area in the bluies called Baronia Point!(very cool wall)
We jumped on some cool climbs:
>Ancient mariner ** 19 (ken onsight) (me flash)
Then i jumped on this  very sharp classic 23 but didnt get it!
Ken and Cory jumped on this real cool looking 28 and were working it for a while. Unfortunatly i didnt have time to give it a crack but there is all ways next time!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Australia 12/12/10 - 24/01/11

I leave New Zealand tomorrow for Australia where I will be spending the next six weeks in the Blue Mountains with Ken McPherson.