Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the bluies 13th &14th December

DAY 1 we met this crazy guy called mitch who has been bolting most of the stuff around the mountains. We were very lucky because i managed to forget our guide back at the house and mitch new the mouintains off by heart. He first took us to a popular wall called Upper Shipley were he showed us some of the classics on that wall:
>jack high*** 19 (first climb at the bluies)
>weak as i am **** 22 (onsight)

Then he took us over to the real cool looking wall called Wave Wall.
We jumped on some real cool classics:
I did:
>Jaws** 21 (flash)
>Off the lip* 23 (flash)
>Rubber lover*** 25 (flash)

Ken did:
>Jaws** 21 (onsight)
>Off the lip* 23 (flash)
>Split Wave***23 (flash)

Then it was a very long walk back up to the train station!

DAY 2 we met up with Mitch again and he took us to a very cool crag called Bardons Lookout where he has a very hard and cool looking project.
He put us on some real cool lines:
>Little Triggers*** 19 (ken onsight) (me flash)
>Go Lotto** 19 ( ken flash) (me flash)
>Goosebumps** 24 (ken onsight) (me flash)
 Then we went around the corner in to this huge steep cave!!!
Me and Ken tried this real cool looking 28 which we would love to come back and get it when we gain a bit more endurance.
We watched Mitch try his project which he thinks is around 29-31 but the weather conditions were not in  his favor!It looks like a real cool looking climb!!

Then we met up with cory and he took us to another area in the bluies called Baronia Point!(very cool wall)
We jumped on some cool climbs:
>Ancient mariner ** 19 (ken onsight) (me flash)
Then i jumped on this  very sharp classic 23 but didnt get it!
Ken and Cory jumped on this real cool looking 28 and were working it for a while. Unfortunatly i didnt have time to give it a crack but there is all ways next time!!!

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