Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bluies 18, 19, 20 & 21 of december!!!

Saterday 18th = Rest Day (fingers are tired)!!!

Sunday 19th = We took a trip out to a crag called Boronia Point!!!!
I jumped on this real cool climb called Grape Hour **** 25 (2nd go)
I tried a couple of other things but strugled with the big bouldery starts!!!

Ken did Lyptus **** 23 (flash)
Then him and Corey worked this climb called Green eggs and ham**** 28 for a while and corey got so close at one point!!!!!He was so happy!!!

Monday 20th= Ken had a rest day due to a sore shoulder!
Me and cory went to a Crag called shipley upper in the morning and i did this climb Hold on to your hats 18 to try and warm up on but the wind was so strong and cold it was impossible to warm up.....We decided not to climb at shipley because it was far to cold, so we went down to Main Wall.
I jumped on this real cool climb called Padington *** 25(2nd go).
Then we moved on to a place called Junket pumper area.
I tried this real cool 27 called Wrong movement **** and really enjoyed it. Hopefully it will go in the next couple of shots!!!
I also climbed a line called Junket Pumper *** 24(flash)
Cory was to cold to climb so he became my belay bitch for the day. haha

Tuesday 21st= we went out to a crag called Bardons Look out!!
We warmed up on Mike and Lorna go to town 21
then, Sound and vision *** 20
Then we jumped on Chicken Skin ** 24(me Flash,ken 2nd go)
ken did Puppy fat **23 (2nd go),Scheme of things ***23 (2nd go)
Then we went back to Boronia point and i did Sydney Rose *** 24(flash),Euchre**23
Ken did Sydney Rose ***24(2nd go) soled a couple of easy stuff the crazy bugger!!!!
Cory sent Green eggs and ham**** 28 4th pop!!

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