Friday, December 17, 2010

bluies 15 ,16 & 17 of december

Day 3= Rest day

Day 4=We were very lucky to be taken to a secrete spot somewhere in the mountains!!!
There is so much rock every where!!!!
we warmed up on some really cool climbs:
Unnamed 21
Unnamed 22
Unnamed 23
Then ken and cory jumped on this real cool looking 25 and they both flashed it!!!
Then we went down to this real cool cave!!!
All three of us jumped on this real steep and cool 27 that went strait up the middle of the cave!
The rain packed in so we didnt really  have a  chance to jump on it again but i would love to go back there and get it clean........

Day 5= Me and ken went back to the crags around  Wave wall and and did some cool climbs:
Acceptably Cosmic * 23
Hairy Horrace ** 22
Ratcat *** 24
Ken flashed:
Madge Macdonald *** 25

Then we went around to try this real cool 27 called white linen **........
Then we went to wave wall and ken jumped on this climb called Microwave *** 30 and he is very phsyched about projecting it!!!!!

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