Sunday, January 16, 2011

bluies 14th,5th,16th&17th of January

January 14th:
today we went to Zap cragg so ken can give pulse a go!!!!
He  pulled on to try and link the whole crux and snapped a crushal hold off!!!!
He was gutted!!!!
After that he was a bit sad so we left and went to Bardons lookout.
i finally got a climb called:
The way of all flesh*****28!
Then we went to Boronia point for ken to try:
Green Eggs And Ham****28
But Ken wasnt in the in the mood to try hard after breaking the hold on the other climb!!!haha

January 15th:
Today we went to Diamond Falls for the first time!!!!
It was realy cool but most of it was wet from the showers the day before!
we tried lots of cool stuff but got spanked on most of the harder stuff there but it was a realy cool place!!!

January 16th:
Today we went back to a place called Gateway!!
After a long warm up i jumped on my project a few times and finally managed to get it!!!
the climb is called:
Gateway* 28!!
it should definatly have more stars haha!!!

January 17th:
Today we went to to Shippley Upper for ken to warm up on:
These peaple are sandwiches***28
Hold on to your hats 18
Pallets of pies** 24
Then went to main cliff for ken to try:
Trix Roughly****26
He got it after a few tries!!!
Then we went down to Porters pass
Ken did:
Blackheathen****24(2nd go)

We got back home and went for a swim in the local pool.....

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