Saturday, January 22, 2011

bluies 18th,19th,21st,22nd

January 18th:
To day we went down to Porters Pass!!!
We warmed up on:
Chasing amy*** 21
Pussy Wallow*22

then we did:
LaLa Land**** 24
Ken and Cory also did:
Escape velocity** 24

Then the sun  got the better pf us and we decided to give up trying to climb in the sun!

January 19th:
We wake up early and it feels like my fingers are on fire due to the lack of skin on them so the best place for us to head is back to Porters Pass where the holds seem to feel more polished then the other sharp crystle crimps of the blue mountains!!
We warmed up on some real cool climbs:
First we did Spread em Baby* 22 (a real tricky corner!!)
then we did Cutopia*23(needs to have more stars ) such a good climb that involved hard slabby crimps mixed with sand stone foot smears and burly " turn around and run your bum off" run outs.
Then we moved around the corner to do some recommended climbs!
First up was a climb called Dragons Egg*** 23
We also jumped on a cool but very tricky 27 on a slab!!! We managed to dog our way up most of it but then our feet got to sore after slipping off the crazy smear patches so we pulled out....
We decided that was enough for the day and we went back to the house!!

January 21st:
Today we woke up early and did the big long walk out to a crag called the Egg!!
We Warmed up on a climb called Funky Monkey *** 24( 2nd go)
Then we jumped on Glow***26 which ken got 2nd go and i flashed!!
Then i jumped on a climb called Headshot****27 which  managed to dog my way up but the heat was creaping in fast so i couldnt give it another go!!

January 22nd:
To day we  went down to Centennial Glenn:
We warmed up on a few climbs that we have done befor then i jumped back on to a climb called Wrong movements ****27 but the holds are very friction dependent and the friction was not very good to day!
Then we moved around the corner to the main cliff and we did Earnest in Africa**25 and Nev Herrod **23
Then we went evan ferther around the corner for ken to give his nemesis climb one last go before the end of the trip!!He got so close  so many times but just didnt get it in the end which was dissapointing for ken!!
On the way home i bot ken a cream egg for his birthday present haha!!

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