Thursday, January 6, 2011

bluies 30th,1st,3rd,4thand 6th!!!!

30th of december:
Today we went to a cragg called Logan Brae!!!!!!
Its a cool place with many awesome routes:
I did:
 >Elastic Analysis** 23
>Rain Maker** 24
>Dr Stein*****25 (flash)

Ken did:
>Room With A View**22
>The Never Believers***23
>Dr Stein***** 25 (onsight)
>Surprise Package***24

1st of january:
Today we went to shipley upper again!!!
I did:
>These peaple are sandwiches****22
>Pallets of Pies**24 (onsight)
>Then i tried a cool climb called Equaliser****28. It might go???

3rd of january:
Today we went back to Bardens Lookout!!!!!!
We both did the 26 version of a climb called The Way Of All Flesh which is the Batman start to it!!!
We both were getting close to doing the 28 start!!

4th of january:
Today we went to a cragg called Gate way!!!!
It was the first time we had been there and it was awesome!!!
I did:
>Smooth And Crunchy*18 ( i did it twice to warm up)
>Then i tried this climb called Gateway***28 which is so cool and i got real close a few times so i am real keen to go back there and send it!!!!! (i tried it about 4 times haha)

Ken did:
>Smooth and crunchy* 18
>tried a real hard looking 24 called The Amateur ** but didnt get it
> he tried Gateway once but it wasnt really his style
>He then tried this other climb which was a bit more his style called Super Sprimkle Cake **28

6th of january:
We went to a crag called Mitchells ridge!!!
It is a small but real cool place!!!
We jumped on the clssic climb called:
We both got it 2nd go. it is a real cool climb!!!!

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