Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bluies 7th,8th,10th and 12th of January!!!!

7th of January:
To day the weather is not verry good but we are still able to climb!!!!
We decided to walk down to Porters Pass because we had heard that it stays dry in the rain and it is a place we havnt been to yet....
we warmed up on:
So Said The king**21
Nylon Happy ****22
Then i tried this real hard 25 but got spanked on it!!!!!
Then we went around the corner to try a climb called:
Self Portrait******29 it was real hard!!!!!!
then i tried this 26 called Sail Away wich ii didnt realy like!

8th January:
We went back t Bardons Lookout!!!
it was raining again but this cragg doesnt get wet!!!
After a few working sessions Ken managed to pull his way through the start and cruise his way to the top of a climb called:
The Way Of All Flesh*****28!!!!
I managed to pull through the start a couple of time but couldnt link it from the ground!!!
Hopefully next time i will do it!!!!!

10th of January:
The weather is still crap!!!!
decided to go to wave wall because we new it would be dry there !!!!
We did:
Jaqueline Hyde** 24
The Tube**24
Ken also did:
Shore Break **24

12th of January:
We went bacck to Wave Wall to repeat some climbs just to get some climbing in!!! instead of sitting at home hiding from the rain!!!!

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